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"Since the introduction of great steaks in 1968, these wooden sticks are as much of a tradition as our \"beer off the wood\". Not only is it recognised by the customer as part of our tradition but it has also become essential for the fast, efficient order of service. It simplifies the need to refer to the mass of dockets that would normally be generated within the food business. Together with our own coding system, all customers requirements are easily ascertained from this one stick, therefore limits any human error. Steak Out makes our job easier, which assist us in serving herds of cattle to the vast number of customers at the Breakfast Creek Hotel on a daily basis"

With the volume of steak meals Cavill's Norman Hotel - Brisbane's Worst Vegetarian Restaurant, produces every day you could imagine the potential for lost or misread dockets. Our Grill Cooks would be trying to man a grill with 80 steaks on it whilst trying to refer to 40 dockets. With these sticks and our own abbreviations the cooks don\'t need to refer to anything, just the steak they are cooking. All the information is there on top of the steak! These wooden sticks are so important to Cavill\'s Norman Hotel, we have a working position in our kitchen named after them "Sticks". Our customers are so fascinated by our procedures they take the stick from their meal home as a souvenir of their dining experience. Cavill's Norman Hotel has had a relationship with Sharon and Russell from Steakout for a few years now. Their service is fantastic, as they really try to understand your business and the application of sticks in your business.

I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on a product which compliments our business. Since starting to deal with your company I have been impressed with the quality and service and ongoing support. The steak markers with our corporate logo has been a popular addition to our steaks and the positive comments keep coming. Your approach and suggested designs to help our business was appreciated and the feedback taken onboard. It is with this ongoing commitment that strengthens our relationship and I look forward to this continuing in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company if the need arose.


'When sourcing long burger sticks with our logo printed in red for a new venture 'Shrimp & Burger', the only supplier that met all my criteria was Steak Out in Australia.
The service, quality of product and value has been quite outstanding and due to the success of our new restaurant we have since re-ordered. I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent company'

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"Since the introduction of great steaks in 1968, these wooden sticks are as much of a tradition as our \"beer off the wood\". Not only is it recognise...

Melinda Venning
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